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Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Is Hyperempiria?

It was my good friend and colleague, Dr. Don Gibbons, who discovered, identified, and coined the term, "hyperempiria," aptly named to imply "enhanced experience."  We note the distinction between hypnosis and hyperempiria in our book, Exploring Alternate Universes:  And Learning What They Can Teach Us:

<< Hyperempiria is most easily thought of as the opposite of hypnosis, because it takes us in the opposite direction. . . . A hypnotic procedure makes use of expressed and/or implied suggestions of decreased awareness, lethargy, or "trance."  Hyperempiria, on the other hand, utilizes instructions of alertness, mind expansion, and increased responsiveness and sensitivity to bring about a higher experience of consciousness in which all of a person's abilities are tuned to a higher pitch. >>

When asked about possible applications, I point immediately to enhanced creativity.  This response seems to invite the cynical reminder that hyperempiria won't change any of us into a Michelangelo, Mozart, or Shakespeare.  The observation is correct, of course, but my rebuttal is quite valid, also.  "True, but we can all create -- or at least hope to create -- our own futures!"

Hyperempiria may indeed be helpful for many people, and it has in turn spawned yet another important therapeutic device:  the BEST ME technique.  More on that anon.

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