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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Overview of Alternate Universe Therapy

The idea of “alternate universes” became somewhat more accessible with when quantum physics began to bombard us with two different times, or masses, or lengths that appeared to co-exist concurrently.  From this point, it was simply a matter of time before theories of hyperspace developed.  “Hyperspace” refers to a somewhat theoretical space (or “place”) in which the three dimensions with which we are more or less comfortable are replaced by other dimensions, in which the basic laws of Newtonian physics are transcended.  And in this theoretical hyperspace, it is entirely plausible to postulate two objects occupying the same space in the same time.  And once we have done that, why not two – or more – universes! 
Clinical psychologists have belatedly acknowledged the potential therapeutic validity of past-life regression, at least for its metaphorical significance (if not anything more exciting).  Hypnotherapists have long engaged in work with past lives, and more recently they have even considered future lives as well as lives in between incarnations.  

The trail-blazing work of my colleague, Dr. Don Gibbons, goes far beyond anything yet conceived.  We now bring subjects into an alternate universe in which they can see themselves as they would like to be – or (more significantly) as they might have been without a given trauma in their lives.  His blog expresses this idea more succinctly:

            << If the number of alternate universes is truly infinite, then it is possible to use the higher powers of the imagination to experience any one of these possible Universes in hypnosis just as if we were really there. For example, we all long to return to the safety and security of a little infant tenderly nestled in its mother’s arms. At the opposite extreme, all phobias are basically rooted in a fear of not being, which is actually a fear of death. In a cosmos in which the number of parallel universes is theoretically without limit, there is – somewhere – an alternate universe where we can bathe in an ocean of infinite, unbounded, and everlasting love, freed from the limitations of space and time, to satisfy these deepest longings, enhance our self-esteem, and overcome all our feelings of unhappiness, loneliness, anger, and despair. 
            << Using our hypnotic imagination and the elements of the BEST ME technique . . . (we) can . . . experience now, in the present, the full rewards of future goals in order to provide ourselves with the vitality and motivation to achieve them, so that we can become truly free to want to do what we know we ought to do in order to develop our potential to the fullest. 
            << Regardless of whatever else may be going on in our lives, we can “get away” to an alternate universe and come back as refreshed as if we had been away for a week, a month, or even longer. Experiences can easily be included for withstanding the effects of stress, finding one's purpose in life, and enhancing feelings of self-esteem. >>

I should append that this technique also offers immense potential for resolving problems of motivation.  If one can already experience the results of the hard work, and if one can already know how good he/she will feel after achieving the objective, the “end result” will become far less abstract and far more tangible.  From there, all that remains is to “remember the future.”  
More about this exciting work can be gleaned from our Kindle text, Exploring Alternate Universes:  And Learning What They Can Teach Us,” available at: