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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Alzheimer's Linked to "Negative Beliefs About Aging": Yale School of Public Health Research

Apparently the power of the mind -- specifically our belief systems -- to harm us is far greater than previously thought.  This point was underscored yet again recently (7 December 2015), this time in a study published by Yale University's School of Public Health Research.  The project,  

<< led by Becca Levy, associate professor of public health and of psychology, is the first to link the brain changes related to Alzheimer’s disease to a cultural-based psychosocial risk factor. The findings were published online Dec. 7 in the journal Psychology and Aging.
“We believe it is the stress generated by the negative beliefs about aging that individuals sometimes internalize from society that can result in pathological brain changes,” said Levy. >>

The complete article can be access through this link:

Of course, hypnosis can be of immense value when dealing with negative beliefs, and can also help people develop more positive convictions and expectations.  Thus, yet another application emerges!